This portfolio unites the group of various beverages with Georgian origin. Our company has several joint ventures holding manufacturing sites equipped with modern production lines.

Our partners have diverse choice of product labeling and packing according to their needs.


Georgia is the oldest producer of wine in the world. We offer entry level, mid and premium level wines bearing these oldest rich traditions.

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Mineral & Spring Water

Sparkling and non-sparkling natural mineral waters from different mountain regions of Georgia.

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Different Georgian beer labels, with refined tasting characters and quality, which can become the leading labels in your product portfolio.

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Georgian Brandy

Georgian brandy, done with Georgian grape varieties (e.g. Rkatsiteli and Tsitska). The spirit with rich historical roots.

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Lemonade & Natural Juices

Natural juices and Lemonades, with rich aroma and graded quality.

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Chacha is made of grape pomace (grape residue left after making wine). Traditionally a clear fruit brew, which is sometimes called “vine vodka,” “grape vodka,” or “Georgian vodka.”

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Partnership with Trade Link 

In our partnerships, we conclude agreements that derive the best benefit from our first-class market research and as well as from our representation, sales and manufacturing business. We have the entire range of services, from research to manufacturing and marketing in various industries. We know that partnerships can drive success and bring mutual benefits around the globe.