This portfolio represents the group of bio products uniting fruits and vegetables.

We have several joint ventures across Georgia holding open-air planting sites and greenhouses equipped with modern irrigation systems and packing lines.

Our partners have diverse choice of product labeling and packing according to their needs.


High quality fresh dill.


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High quality fresh parsley.

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High quality fresh celery.
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High quality fresh coriander.

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High quality fresh lettuce.

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Tomato, different sizes, with red and rose color choices.

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Different varieties and sizes.

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Several varieties of pepper with wide range of colors and sizes. Hot, medium hot and bitter ones.

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Apple, with a thin skin which varies in colour from yellow to green or red, with a crisp, firm, juicy flesh. There are dozens of different varieties.

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Mandarine, with rich aroma and tasting features.

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Partnership with Trade Link 

In our partnerships, we conclude agreements that derive the best benefit from our first-class market research and as well as from our representation, sales and manufacturing business. We have the entire range of services, from research to manufacturing and marketing in various industries. We know that partnerships can drive success and bring mutual benefits around the globe.